Peter Kormančík

Peter Kormančík, Mortgage Specialist
I speak Slovak.

Former Branch Director of VÚB and Director of the VÚB Mortgage Centre

I love the feeling when I can tell the client that their loan has been approved.

I know very well what the client is experiencing from the moment when he or she starts to make plans, through the application submission, the approval, to the best feeling: repaying the entire loan. I had two mortgages myself.

I have been working in the financial sector all my life, but I have definitely gained the most experience during my eleven years at VÚB Bank, holding a position as Branch Director and Director of the Mortgage Center. 

Cooperation with Kamapro means to me that I am no longer limited by only one bank when searching for the best solution. I am glad to work in a company that professes the right values.

If I combine my expertise with looking at a client’s mortgage like my own, the result is exactly as you imagine it.

Peter Kormančík 

Find out how much your monthly payment will be

Loan Amount:
100 000 €
Loan Term:
30 rokov
with 1% p. a.
with 2% p. a.
with 3% p. a.
with 4% p. a.
with 5% p. a.
with 6% p. a.