Martina Štefanovičová

Martina Štefanovičová, Mortgage Specialist
I speak Slovak, English and German.

Former Real Estate Agent

Since 2001, I have been involved in consultancy services in matters involving the sale and purchase of real estate. In my work, I was able to cooperate with a number of banks and witness the development of mortgage loans to finance the purchase of real estate from the very beginning. Based on the experience gained and the legal education, I have always tried to be helpful in handling all the documents necessary to obtain an advantageous financing. That was why I decided to become part of the KAMAPRO s. r. o. team and I became a mortgage specialist. I am here for all clients who choose to find the most optimal financing solution. I offer you expertise, rich practical experience and a patient approach with regard to all needs and circumstances that are important to our clients.

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Loan Amount:
100 000 €
Loan Term:
30 rokov
with 1% p. a.
with 2% p. a.
with 3% p. a.
with 4% p. a.
with 5% p. a.
with 6% p. a.