Ivana Košírerová

Ivana Košírerová, Mortgage Specialist
I speak Slovak.

Former Director of UniCredit Bank

I have been working in banking for a number of years, I enjoyed it and I was able to work my way up to senior positions - until I finally qualified for the position of a branch director of one of the largest banks in Slovakia. For me, a natural sense of responsibility forced me to do my job professionally, but I was gradually becoming aware of the fact that not everything in this position suited me. Especially not the restriction that I could only provide my mortgage clients with a limited type of products. So I decided for a change and combined my experiences and abilities with the company KAMAPRO.

My decision gave me the possibility to take care of my mortgage clients as if they were my own children. Thanks to cooperating with the best mortgage providers, I can offer a prompt solution to specific client requirements. My experience has also taught me patience, so I am able to respond willingly to any changes that life brings in the process of implementing individual loans. And I believe that in this way I am also helping my clients to make their dream of a nice and comfortable living come true.

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Loan Amount:
100 000 €
Loan Term:
30 rokov
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