Ivan Andrašik

Ivan Andrašik, Mortgage Specialist
I speak Slovak, English, Serbian and Croatian.

I have been managing relationships with customers for a few years now, and if I learned anything from this experience, it is that I always found myself on the client’s side, even at the expense of myself. Probably it is because I can sympathize with the client and put myself in their place. This also led me to Kamapro. Right here I can apply my attitudes and qualities, because I am on the client’s side here, which is also the motto of the company “Our clients get much more.” In order to accomplish this mission, I will approach your mortgage with precision, patience and emphasis to detail as I do with another passion of mine – the restoration of musical instruments, which is also my hobby. I will take care of your mortgage with equal responsibility and willingness as I care for musical instruments, so that you do not perceive getting a mortgage as a bureaucratic difficulty, but as a walk in nature on a beautiful spring day.

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Loan Amount:
100 000 €
Loan Term:
30 rokov
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with 4% p. a.
with 5% p. a.
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