Andrej Pačuta

Andrej Pačuta, Mortgage Specialist
I speak Slovak.

Former Branch Director of VÚB and Mortgage Specialist

In my former banking practice, I have probably gone through all the positions, and the position of a mortgage specialist became my favorite.

During 10 years in this position, I got to know a lot of people whom I helped with housing, consolidating their commitments, building a house, and in some cases, I assumed the role of a psychologist in various situations. :) I have always found working with people fulfilling, and that is why this job is so interesting to me. I will gladly help you, too.

Find out how much your monthly payment will be

Loan Amount:
100 000 €
Loan Term:
30 rokov
with 1% p. a.
with 2% p. a.
with 3% p. a.
with 4% p. a.