What does cooperation with you look like?

The first meeting. We will discuss your ideas, answer your questions, and get the data we need to prepare an offer. 

When we say goodbye, the real work begins, resulting in outputs from all mortgage banks. Give us 48 hours and we will find a solution for you.

At the second meeting, we go through the options, their pros and cons, answer all your questions and recommend a solution. 

We will help you collect the documents, write applications, discuss the communication with the real estate agency, the seller, etc. If necessary, our lawyer will review your contracts. 

From the submission of the application to the approval we communicate with the bank and get over the hurdles that appear on the way to the approval. When we overcome the last hurdle, we will let you know that your loan is approved.


We will review the loan contracts, send them to you for you to study, and answer all the questions that will arise.


We will arrange the document signing in the bank, sort out matters at the land registry office and other drawdown conditions, draw down the loan and that is the end.


THE END? Not at all actually, our care for you continues. In the case of problems at the land registry office, we will help you solve them. We will oversee meeting the conditions after the drawdown....

A mortgage is usually not a commitment for a year or two, so we are there for you even after the loan has been drawn down. Any letter you receive from the bank, whatever you need to arrange, any question to answer... we are here for you.

Find out how much your monthly payment will be

Loan Amount:
100 000 €
Loan Term:
30 rokov
with 1% p. a.
with 2% p. a.
with 3% p. a.
with 4% p. a.
with 5% p. a.
with 6% p. a.