Do you find me “interesting” if I just want to get advice and information?

Do you find me “interesting” if I just want to get advice and information? (I'll deal with the loan later. I just want a “small” loan. I do not know yet if I’ll need a mortgage.)

At Kamapro, we believe that positive references (recommendations) are the basis of our success. Therefore, we deal with cases that end with signing the loan contract with the same enthusiasm as with those when the potential client or non-interested person requests only information.

We professionally focus only on mortgage financing (by loan), so any way of informing and assessing the particular situation of the loan seeker is a way to improve, or literally gain “practice” in the specific situations that life brings.

Based on years of experience, we know that it is not always possible to arrange a loan for a client. The reasons vary – the so-called “non-standard” income, “non-standard” planned property, “complicated” family and social relationships. It’s like with medicines – not every medicine is suited for any disease and there are also diseases for which there are no medicines. However, we do everything in a way so that at the end of each loan “case” we could say: “I have done everything to help the client get the loan (or get the loan under the required conditions)!”

Try our consultancy services and become our spontaneous “walking ad.”