Do I have any commitments to you if you mediate my mortgage?

It is very difficult to answer this question.

We do not know whether you will feel you have a commitment to us. However, it is our endeavor to resolve your mortgage to your satisfaction so that you can recommend us further. 

More than 80% of our clients come to us thanks to recommendations from their acquaintances, our satisfied clients.


DO NOT BE AFRAID, you will not get a table with 10 lines from us to fill in names and phone numbers. That’s not how we do it.   However, if you feel you have a commitment to us, a sure way to get rid of it is to RECOMMEND us.

Find out how much your monthly payment will be

Loan Amount:
100 000 €
Loan Term:
30 rokov
with 0.7% p. a.
with 0.8% p. a.
with 0.9% p. a.
with 1.0% p. a.